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    Welcome on my webpage, I`m Beáta MARSI, a photographer and make-up artist ​.

    Some years ago, with the birth of my children I get  hooked by photography.

    First, that was my hobby to make nice pictures of them, and documented their growth. My desire was to create photos with higher standard of quality and beauty, so I felt, I need a reflex camera, and started to train myself about the ins and outs of that business. The deeper I dug into the world of photography, the more I knew ,- I would like to do it as a profession.

    So, that is how a hobby became vocation.

    Children have had a main role in my photo-carrier, however I also happily make female, and enceinte portraits as well, since it is very important to me laying emphasis on beauty. For the perfect images, it is essential to wear the proper and customized make-up, so parallelly with my photography studies, I had a make-up qualifiqation.

    Therefore, during my photo sessions you can stand in front of my camera with an appropriate make-up, and receive the desired result.

    The family photo sessions are particular for me, because I could be a witness of the familiy stories for a short period. It is exceptional, when I catch sight of the smiles, sometimes little teardrops during my work, and it is even better when I see the satisfied faces afterwards.

    I’m glad to see returning customers, and it is good to work again with the same families, so I can follow the children`s growth time to time. Of course, I`m open for new requests, and beside all the babies, children, and families, I welcome also ladies and gentlemen for a portrait shooting.

    Based on particular demand, I also record marriages, family events,-  and other occasiones.

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    Beata MARSI